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Saturday, January 14, 2006

And the winner is...

Slade - My Oh My
I came across this track again on itunes. Released in 1983 - I'm sure I have the 7" somewhere in the loft! This is a classic anthem of a song, it has all the ingredients of a great song.
It starts with a smooth melodic piano intro with the song building slowly with big echo snares! Noddy's voice fits it perfectly (which is more than I can say for his hair), with his holla at 1min 40secs it signals the FIRST key change
(every anthem must have a key change!)
then the band cut loose with Noddy wailing its time to get your hands in the air! At 2mins 9secs, a series of power chords indicates the time to drop the clutch once again to lead it into the second key change and shift into 5th gear! At this point the whole world unites by joining their hands and sings along with Slade!
"So lets all pull together, my oh my.
we can ride the stormy weather, if we all get on and try"
The icing on the cake comes at 3mins 15secs - a fake ending!!!
My favourite bit as the drumer hammers into his saggy toms and brings the band in for the reprise!
The song ends, war is over, lets all go home and live in peace - Slade has left the building!
I hope that has sold it to you - its the sort of song they would play at the end of the night in Peppermint Park - Happy days!!!


Blogger mark_heybo said...

Hey I remember this song really well - in fact I only heard it the other day as background music on some TV show. Can't think what it was now..

It is an excellent song and you are dead right about the false ending! If I remember correctly it came out around Christmas time and was number two in the charts. I must download some Slade for my iPod.

10:31 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

For some reason I thought it might even of been a "b" side on a single?

12:44 PM


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