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Friday, January 13, 2006

Pablo's Top Tunes of 2005

Following MarkCyberCafe's top tunes of 2005, he suggested I do mine. I'm afraid mine are all quite mainstream compared to Mark's but I think you will agree the songs that I have picked will all stand the test of time. Mark also picked old songs that he had rediscovered in 2005 as well as new. With that in mind - my winner is a song I rediscovered, originally released 1983............enjoy.
In 5th place...
Franz Ferdinand - Take me out
I choose this mainly for the Live performance (V Festival I think!) but its a great song too. After the initial intro, then the tempo changes - it really gets the crowd going.
In 4th place...
Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams
The only American entry! This band has produced some simple but classic songs. This one has a great effect at the start on the guitar - the song has all the usual power and punch that Green Day are best at, especially at 3mins 44secs (my favourite bit!) where they really break it down to the end!
In 3rd place...
The Killers - Mr Brightside
What a classic! Brilliant guitar intro (very hard to play!) then the drums kick in. Has a great mix, with keys coming in after the chorus. At 3mins 3 secs they cut it back for the big finish. At classic song for cruising in the car with the top down - if we had a droptop that is! For shizzle my nizzle!
In 2nd place...
Coldplay - Fix you
What a band! Very talented. A very haunting start with the perc-organ, the song gradually builds and at 2mins 35secs the guitar cuts through and uplifts the entire song - I could emagine standing on the highest mountain looking at a beautiful 360 view at this point! Its a song full of emotion, I love it. Close your eyes, play it at full volume and think happy thoughts - or you could cry to it!
And in 1st place....................
(winner will be posted shortly!)


Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Enjoyed reviewing this selection Pablo - I must admit I really struggle to appreciate Greenday - their songs just don't hold me enough - I have however just downloaded my first Greenday song based on your recommendation.

Cold Play are just going from strenght to strength - I love there latest album, particularly 'Talk'.

What will be your winner I wonder...

10:44 PM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

A faultless selection Pablo. I have each of those already on my iPod (though the Green Day one is there under The Gabster's playlist - I will listen to it at 3.44 to check it out again!) I think Take Me Out is my favourite of those - though Coldplay keep growing on me.

11:04 PM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

As for your favourite - from 1983? Prehaps Dire Straits...or Bryan Adams..............no its got to be Pete Burns?

Maybe U2? From the War LP?

Superb photo's by the way!

11:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr brightside and fix you, two fantastic songs,

i love it when the drums thrash in towards the end, with a sneaky off-beat bass drum in the beat - which works really well when you wanna build a hillsong track, as you go into a bridge!

steve hey

9:38 AM

Blogger Pablo said...

the winner is gonna be a complete suprise to you all....you may not even know it! But it is an anthem!
I'll post it saturday tea time!

11:09 AM

Blogger The Gabster said...

I really liked Green-day!

Especially 'Emerican Idiot' and 'Wake me up when September ends.'

Why doesn't your band have a go at singing some?


5:27 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

I think some of the lyrics are a bit dodgy!

5:59 PM


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