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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here are some pics.

Helen on the slopes.

Me on the slopes!

P&H on the slopes! Chopper in the background , bro!

This ones for Mark.Harley Quad ......bike ....mark!!!!

Music man Otto is here again!

Had some good food as well. "Mountain rosti and large beer bitter"!

And some great views!

These are all the photos on my phone so far.
All been great so far. On monday we almost got stuck up the mountain. I had to beg the lift man to let us take the lift up so we could then get the first cable car down!! It would of taken ages to get down if not! I think the excitment from that was to much for james. After many wipe outs and many bombs in the pool he has burnt out and has not boarded for 2 days. hopefully tomoro. chalet is great and fully stocked with some food already and a bar! It also has wireless internet with a laptop card to use!!! If only i had my lap top cus this is costing me many frankentstiens!! Claire and james shopped today while me and h did the mallichien. We boarded all the way down to the bottom- H is getting confident now and ive even got a pic of her getting some air!


Anonymous MumC said...

Hi. Just home and had to look at pics. Oooooooh it looks so nice and could just eat mountain rosti!! Dad says where is side portion of frites? Wish we were there. Weather here ok but maybe snow flurries by weekend!!

Hello to J and C hope J will soon be on slopes again.

Love M & D xx

5:04 PM

Anonymous maureen said...

Hi ya..
How could you put a picture of a mountain rosti on....yummy!!! I will just have to dream about it. It looks absolutely wonderful and we are so pleased that you are having fun and enjoying yourselves.

luv M x

7:12 PM

Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Photo's look awesome! - can't beleive they are all taken with the K750i. Glad to see you finally got some pictures posted so we can see what you are up to - look forward to seeing the one of Helen 'getting some air' posted soon!

8:17 PM

Anonymous ruth said...

You go girl!

6:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quality photos

have to say i am impressed with the sony! still couldn't give up my truste nokia tho!

pleased to hear ur having a great time!

looking forward to siing more updates!

stevie hey

10:47 AM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

Just caught up with your blog today. I must addd to the comments about how good the photo's are and now I see what all the fuss about the rosti is about! Looks amazing.

As for Music Man Otto he is absolute class! Surely Ben needs to look no further for a name for his band - Music Man Otto is as good as Franz Ferdinand! And Ben has a logo ready to go.......

7:19 PM

Blogger Pablo said...


1:11 PM

Blogger Suzi said...

Top two photo's - you obviously worked hard or just had an arguement as you both have steam coming out of your ears!

Looks really lovely

Suzi h

8:18 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

LOL!!!!!!! didn't notice that!

9:43 PM

Blogger The Gabster said...

I would hate 2 go to sumwear that cold! At Disney I had 6 layers on, a pair of long socks, tights and jeans on, 2 pairs of gloves, a scarf and hat on and I was STILL cold! -Fink how cold I'd be snowboarding!!!!!

Of course, I'd like the snowboarding, just not the cold!

P.S. Exuse my Mum's terrible jokes!


7:33 PM


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