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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Don't mess with a White van man!

Andy.s had the pleasure of a white van man the wrong side of the road!

Andy was ok, but as you can see the car was not!


Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Flippin' heck! - looks nasty - glad everyone was OK.
Great blog pics - right from the accident scene!

6:26 PM

Blogger The Gabster said...

Looks terrible! When is it going 2 b repared?

Did the white van get damaged at all?

Bye! xxx

10:14 AM

Blogger Pablo said...

The van didn't stop! The car is history!

12:56 PM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

The van didn't stop! Outrageous.

4:57 PM

Anonymous Maureen said...

No wonder they didn't show me the
pictures!!.. phew... what can I say. Andrew is ok and that's the main thing.

5:18 PM


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