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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Firstly I must thank Chris and Heidi for a lovely meal and entertainment on Sunday, the company was very nice too!
It was good to see the Seasons staff all dressed in red getting in the spirit of Valentine's Day!
Later we enjoyed a lovely meal with Andy and Ruth at Ha Ha bar before spending the rest of the night at the romantic setting of Carrow Road!! Norwich beat Brighton 3 - 0 but it was still a poor game on the whole. "Worthy out??"
The highlight was Ruth's home made cookies and a cup of tea at half time!


Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Is the first picture a bomb?
The Seasons staff all look great!
Ha Ha is one of my favourite places - no fuss, but very good food and great atmosphere..

9:40 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

The bomb is from a game called "pass the bomb"! its good fun (Word game)
Ha ha's is always a good option.

10:21 PM

Blogger The Gabster said...

All of the people who work @ Seasons looked really great! Did u sell any heart-shaped things ect?

I've never even heard of the 'Har har bar', let alone bee there. Looks nice all the same!


10:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We sold little bags of home-made heart-shaped lemon shortbreads, yummy home-made chocolate cakes & muffins. They were all made by my lovely Mum!
Helen x

11:32 AM

Anonymous Maureen said...

Everyone said we looked really good in our red tops for Valentines Day.... unfortunately the red roses never arrived!!! so we all consoled ourselves with chocolate cake and muffins yum yum!!

11:43 AM


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