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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Brunch at Steve and Anita's

Bacon & sausage rolls with home made bread......hmmm!
Harry drumming to James Blunt - he got da ridum!

Plenty of work to be done, but its taking shape.


Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

I could just eat a bacon buttie now...I gonna see what we've got in the fridge.....

9:51 AM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

Now that is what I call I fireplace!

8:15 PM

Anonymous steve said...

can anyone lay bricks help needed !

8:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maureen said.

I carn't lay bricks Steve, but I can always enjoy sausage and bacon butties!!! yum yum!!

11:19 AM

Blogger The Gabster said...

I luv home-made bread, but when I tried some bread from 'Seasons' I knew dat dat was simply da best

8:14 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

Ah thanks Gabster! It is made the good old fashioned way!

8:35 AM

Blogger The Gabster said...

On the 'Mobile Archives Pics of the day' u said dat Paul looked like 'David Belemey', well who is he?


7:41 PM

Anonymous david bellamy said...

ask your dad - and get him to do an impression of him

10:11 PM


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