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Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy 40th Mark....

Happy Birthday Mark. Its only fair that I find some pics to embarrass you!

Is this known as a 'flock of seagulls'??!!

This photo had to be edited for content!!! Do you remember what's missing?!

Cheers to you Mark!


Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Lol!! - great pics!

1:15 PM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

Paul these are the best pix yet! Thanks a lot for searching them out. I actually remember the different clothes really well!

Though I never liked the band.....I can only concede that my hair in the top photo certainly has something of the flock of seagulls about it.

9:49 PM

Blogger mark_heybo said...

Lol! Just remembered what we were doing in the middle wedding photo! Was it some kind of fruit that I placed in the ...er...offending object?

10:18 PM

Blogger Pete the Brit said...

now those are some scary pics!!!!!

10:33 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

Lets just say it was a random selection of 'meat and 2 fruits'! You must of raided the kitchen!

Pete - I have a few pics of you too...hehehe!

9:21 AM

Blogger Pete the Brit said...

Oh I'm sure there are very many embaressing pics of me floating around!

So, do you wanna fly over for my 40th birthday cookout? LOL

9:17 PM


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