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Thursday, January 25, 2007


The fracture is on the top left of the fibia. Looks quite small on this pic cus' the damage is inside!

This is one slide of the CT Scan, it shows a view looking down through the top of my Tibia. It should all look the same, but the dark bits show the fracture going into my bone through my leg!

The metal work! Click on them to enlarge the picture!


Anonymous Mike said...

Sport hurts !!!!

How long for the bone to repair (top view) ?

8:55 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

Good question! They did a bone graph to cover all that but not sure really - maybe a year?

10:18 AM

Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Woe - Geazer! - reckon you'll be setting those metal detectors off at airports...

9:18 PM

Blogger Pete the Brit said...

owww! owwww! owwww!

1:56 PM


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