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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hillsong London

Today we visited Hillsong Church in London at the Dominion Theatre.

They have a team of over 1000 to transform the Dominion Theatre (which during the week is used for 'We will rock you') for the church on Sunday's. They have 3 services on sunday (we went to the first at 11:30am). They totally rock out!!!

The P.A is a little different than Meadow Way's!

After the service we got a Pret and went to Hyde Park for a picnic!


Blogger mark_heybo said...

I will have to check the service out sometime - did you get any ideas for things you would do at Meadow Way?

10:06 PM

Anonymous Mum said...

Thanks Paul and Helen for a great day out and for letting us "oldies" be part of it. Dad thinks he was probably the oldest person there and I must have been the second oldest!!!! Hillsong church certainly made us all very welcome. Can we come again next time?

10:22 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

Mum - Lets go to Hillsong Paris next time! Perhaps not in the minibus though!
Mark - we did get a few ideas, would love to get people jumping to the band!

10:38 PM

Anonymous 'm' said...

It was great to experiance Hillsongs, they were all very friendly and welcoming. We also enjoyed our lunch in Hyde Park relaxing in the sunshine. All in all a lovely day spent with friends. Thanks for organising it.

10:32 PM

Blogger Emsy Lil said...

Woo hoo! Glad you loved it! Come on Friday!!!!!!

6:43 PM

Blogger Emsy Lil said...


6:44 PM

Blogger Emsy Lil said...

Ps whats the word verification bit at the bottom of the comments? Am i signing up for junk mail?


6:45 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

Just added security i think. Thanks for your comments!

8:15 AM

Anonymous Annie said...

Got my "thanks for coming to our church" letter today from Hillsongs with their programme for the coming month!!!

10:37 PM


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