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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First BBQ of the year...

Just got in from our first BBQ this year. Gurkha Pork Sausages supplied by Jimmy's Farm.


Blogger keef said...

oh mate im afraid i beat you to it. we fired up stevers propane beauty for the first time 2 weeks ago. was awesome. gotta love the barbies!!!!!!!

7:05 AM

Anonymous Annie said...

cool photo pabs, especially love the shorts, socks and flip flop look !!!! ; )

Where are the photo's of H's birthday?


10:03 AM

Anonymous Helen said...

I think my Husband is trying out the current trend for the sandal/sock look that is so popular at Meadow Way in the summer months, all he needs now is a brown belt!!

2:17 PM

Blogger Miller said...

Hey dude! No worries about the dress code, it's the in thing here at uni! It's been along time mate! Lovin the blog! Hope to see you soon.


3:51 PM

Blogger Pablo said...

Thanks for you comments folks - am I turning into my Dad??!! Thanks for the encouragement Mill!
Well done Keef on the BBQ - You gotta grizzle when the sun shizzles, fo rizzle my nizzle!

7:22 PM

Blogger Lost in Norfolk said...

Lovin' the comments - cracked me up!

11:41 AM


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